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Respect Festival Exeter, June 2012.

Performing on the Global Community Stage with the University of Exeter World Music Choir

Busking for WaterAid on the seafront at Sidmouth, August 2012

An enlivened performance of the mock flirtation song Voro Voro Ivanice

Animal Aid's Cruelty-Free Xmas Fayre, Nov 2012

Performing "Woyaya" with American Sign Language

Choir member Amal, from Palestine, (on the left next to Mia and Sophia) sings the first verse of Ah Ya Zen and it's totally beautiful!

Exeter Castle, December 2012

Performing at the Craft Hub's magnificently located craft fayre in Exeter Castle, again with our sister choir the University of Exeter World Music Choir

Photo courtesy of Roy Adams

And then singing outside! Freezing but fun and great acoustics with the stone ceiling.

Bristol Community Choir Convention, March 2013

Again we combined with the University of Exeter World Music Choir, having a brilliant coach ride up to Bristol together, practising the songs complete with drums and bell on the way!

And finally ...

Please note: The following videos are not great quality so are best seen small rather than fullscreen.

Woyaya by West African composers T. Osei, Sol Amarifio, L. Amao, M. Tonton, W. Richardson, R. Bailey, R. Redeau, arranged by Ysaye M. Barnwell.

We accompanied our performance with American Sign Language.

Tsuki No Kobune a Japanese lullaby by Shang Shang Typhoon, arranged by Alise Ojay. Grateful thanks to Shang Shang Typhoon (who we have been unable so far to contact - can anyone help?) for writing such a beautiful lullaby and to Megumi Kobuta for helping us with the phonetics.

The words mean: "Let's find a dream in a little moon boat that is floating in the milky way. The moon boat rocks as waves of stars come and go. A shooting star chases the moon boat rocking the moon boat."

Mother composed by First Nation singer songwriters Soni, Pura Fé and Jennifer, collectively known as Ulali. There is an amazing recording of this song on their CD "Mahk Jchi". We are very grateful to Pura Fé for giving us permission to sing their songs. We love singing them!

University of Exeter Pride, March 2013

Our combined choirs opened the University's Pride event in the new Forum building.