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We are all relations

Sorry :-( We're currently dormant due to Coronavirus. We hope to return when it is safe to sing together again.
Please regard the rest of this website as applying once we're back!

Come and join us!

We are a Student Guild Society and meet at Exeter University on Tuesday evenings during term time to sing gorgeous songs from Africa, Europe, Asia, the Americas ... the world over!

World Music Choir is a family away from home...

We warmly welcome non-student members. We also welcome international students who love our friendly atmosphere and the fact that we're all learning songs in 'foreign' languages so everyone is experiencing the same challenge and 'in it together'! With choir members of all ages and different life experiences we feel like a real community.


We sing a fantastically wide variety of secular songs from folk traditions to modern compositions from all over the world: from the achingly beautiful to the wild and energetic, from the meditatively simple to the brain-challengingly complex.

For example: songs from all over Africa, First Nation/ Native American songs, songs from Eastern Europe, the Middle and Far East, Australia and New Zealand, from Canada, the United States, Central and South America ... lullabies, songs of celebration, work songs, laments, love songs - on Tuesday evenings we travel the world giving voice to a wide range of human experience.

Mostly when we sing it's just our unaccompanied voices singing together in harmony ...however, as singing is most definitely a whole body activity, we're not averse to some movement and dance! Also we occasionally add some percussion instruments (think Buffallo drums accompanying First Nation/ Native American songs) and a few times we've embellished our singing with sign language. In our 2016 repertoire we incorporated one of us tap-dancing as we happened to have a tap-dancing star within our midst! (See photo of Katy opposite.)

Our aim is to create gorgeous music in a warm and welcoming atmosphere which is playful, creative, often wacky (we laugh a lot!) and always from the heart; upon occasion aiming surprisingly high …or adventurously sideways!

We have a fun and inspirational professional director - Alise Ojay. Alise has conducted our choir since its formation in 2004, whist she also conducted our 'sister' choir the Crediton World Music Choir for 19 years.

Apart from running choirs Alise also runs a small business called 'Singing for Snorers' - she designed a programme of singing exercises to tone the throat muscles to help people who start to snore or develop sleep apnoea as they get older. You may have seen her on BBC1's The One Show or heard her being interviewed on Radio 4's Today.

Alise's teaching is clear and creative. All the songs are taught by ear but Alise also provides word sheets and/ or musical scores for more complex songs. For major challenges sing-along sound files are also made available.

Performances: We perform a few times a year ...once we have a repertoire! In previous years we have regularly given a Winter Concert and sung at the Bristol Community Choir gathering (coach trip in the spring term!) - see us below in March 2017 ...

- and in the summer at Exeter's wonderful Respect Festival. For two years running we have sung for Amnesty International's vigil in support of Refugees in Exeter High Street (photos below) and for many years at Animal Aid's 'Christmas without Cruelty' Christmas Fayre. Last year we also sang at the Eden Project in Cornwall (fun!) and were asked to create a concert to raise money for a pre-school in The Gambia which has spaces available for disabled children ... we've been invited to do another concert for the same charity in 2018!

We have a social secretary who organises social get-together treats for us - Herbies Vegetarian Restaurant has been our favourite foody haunt - other treats have included walks on Dartmoor and by the coast.

Joining us: we do not have auditions - everyone who loves to sing is welcome. We just ask you to try your best, along with the rest of us, to do justice to the musical traditions we explore ...and to have fun in the process!

We sing a cappella, so we have to be able to hold our tuning without the support of accompanying instruments. This means we all need to develop our ability to hold our own part whilst hearing the harmonies around us. This is a major challenge and a skill which comes with practise. Being amongst these vocal harmonies is the glorious thrill of harmony singing! When you're new we'll try to make sure you're in the middle of the group singing your part. As you get more experienced you can venture out to the edges where you can bathe in the harmonies!

We meet for rehearsals on the University Streatham campus every Tuesday from 7pm - 8.30 pm in Seminar Rooms 7-9 in the Forum, except in the Summer term when we're in Room 3 Cornwall House (by the swimming pool).

Cost for students: £20 annual membership + £2 subs for each session.

Cost for non-students: £60/ £50(concession) per 10 week term in Autumn and Spring. The Summer term is proportionately reduced as it is a short term. (This includes an annual payment to the student Guild for being a student Guild 'Associate Member')

Please note: Student Guild rules only allow us to have up to half our members being non-students. We will endeavour to recruit so many students this doesn't become an issue but if we have to restrict non-students from joining us, priority will be given to previous members and non-student men as singing men are such a rare and necessary resource!

See and hear us! Click here: Photos and Videos page.

Also see our University Guild page: www.exeterguild.org/societies/worldmusicchoir/

Experience our fun and friendly choir! Feel free to come along to a session - your first one is free.

It's best if you can join us from the start of the academic year so

Come as soon as possible!

Spring Term 2020 - From Tuesday 14th January
Tuesdays 7pm until 8.30pm

Our usual meeting place is in the Forum Seminar Rooms 7-9*. (We'll be here most weeks ... check with one of our presidents if you're coming for the first time in case we have to meet somewhere else that week.)

*Directions: The Forum is the big building next to and just down the hill from the Great Hall. (The Northcott Theatre is up the hill on the other side of the Great Hall). To find our seminar rooms. enter the Forum and walk past the library on your left until you come to a flight of stairs. Go up the stairs and turn left. When there's a corridor ahead of you turn left again. Our rooms are the first on your left. So it's up the stairs and left, left and left again!

Summer Term - (to be confirmed but usually) Mary Harris Chapel, Streatham Campus

Our President this year is Alessandra

For more information email

Alessandra Horton (President 2020-21): ah762@exeter.ac.uk


Alise Ojay (Musical Director): admin@singingforsnorers.com