About our director
Alise Ojay

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Quotes from choir members:

"Thank you for your tireless warm and patient heart."

"It all makes life so much more enjoyable having those Tuesday nights to look forward to."

"You bring me so much pleasure through your wonderful teaching and encouragement
- thank you so much!"

"You are like a magician in the way that the choir is transformed by you,
over the weeks and months to give such a stunning performance!"

Alise directed the Crediton World Music Choir for 19 years, having started it in 1997. She also directs the University of Exeter World Music Choir which she founded in 2004, though she took a sabbatical year out from both choirs in 2014/15. A singer, composer, arranger and a founding member of the Natural Voicework Practitioners Network, she is also the creator of Singing for Snorers, a do-it-yourself CD-based exercise programme designed to reduce snoring through toning the muscles of the throat. You may have seen her being interviewed about her exercise programme on BBC1's The One Show or heard her on Radio 4's Today. See www.singingforsnorers.com

Alise's teaching is clear and creative. Armed with a sense of humour and high expectations her goal is that choir members will achieve more than they expect whilst having fun and making friends in the process.

All the songs are taught by ear. Word sheets and/ or musical scores are provided for more complex songs. For major challenges sing-along sound files are also made available. Alise teaches a basic score-reading workshop whenever there is a demand from new choir members.